Chemical Services

All chemical services include a Pre-Treatment, PowerMix Hair Treatment, Haircut, and Style.

Texture Only Perm $85
Not intended to give a defined curl pattern, this 12 rod wrap provides volume and texture, with minimal curl. Provides longer-lasting volume to those with fine or thin hair.

Traditional Perm $85
A traditional perm for those who want a definite curl pattern, with either loose or tight curls.

Perm with Full Style $95
A traditional perm followed by a blow dry and style, with curling iron or rollers.

Spiral Wrap Perm $105
For those with shoulder length hair or longer that want a definite curl pattern in the hair.

Straightening Service $95
A chemical straightening service that straightens or loosens the natural curl patterns in the hair. Like a perm, but with the opposite effect.

Additional Solution Add-On $15
For clients with thick or long hair which requires additional solution, please add this price to your texture service.

Brazilian Blowout $199
Wear your hair curly or straight, but get rid of the frizz. Voted the Best Professional Smoothing Treatment several years in a row! Actually improves the condition of the hair while making your hair more manageable and easier to style. Get smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine, and no down time. To maintain this service for the maximum possible time, it is recommended that you use the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo & Conditioner.