Michelle Lindsay Pricing

Prices listed are for appointments requested with Michelle.

Regrowth Color $75+
Full Color $90+
Weave/Highlight/Balayage/Ombre/Creative Placement $150+
Root Color and Highligh $160+
Clear Gloss or Color Gloss $90+
Color Correction [Priced by Consultation]

Color Add-On $10
For color services which require multiple formulas or mixes (weaves, ombre, etc), and for clients with especially long or thick hair which requires additional applications of color.

Color Removal $20
Added to the price of your corrective color service, this process removes previous dark and artificial colors. Price is per process. $10 for additional product mixed per process.

Clipper Highlight $50
Top-only highlight for clipper cut hair styles. [This service includes a haircut, but does not include a pre-color or conditioning treatment.]

Mens Blending Haircolor $50
A haircolor formulated for men that blends or covers gray with natural results. Takes only 5-10 minutes at the shampoo bowl. Look 10 years younger with this color service. [This service includes a haircut, but does not include a pre-color or conditioning treatment.]

Adult Haircut $50
Clipper Haircut $25
Children's Haircut $25 [age 8 and under - includes style only]
Shampoo and Style $40
This is for a daily wear type style. For more specialized, pulled up, extensive curling, or time-consuming styles, see our Special Occasion Hair Pricing.

Special Occasion Hair $60/hour
For dances, performances, and formal occasions.

Brazilian Blowout $249
Wear your hair curly or straight, but get rid of the frizz. Voted the Best Professional Smoothing Treatment four years in a row! Actually improves the condition of the hair while making your hair more manageable and easier to style. Get smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine, and no down time. You can wash your hair, workout, put your hair in a ponytail or clip as soon as the service is over. No waiting for 2-4 days like other smoothing treatments.

Traditional or Texture Perm $135
A traditional perm for those who want a definite curl pattern, with either loose or tight curls.

Spiral Wrap Perm $155
For those with shoulder length hair or longer that want a definite curl pattern in the hair.

Straightening Service $135
A chemical straightening service that straightens or loosens the natural curl patterns in the hair. Like a perm, but with the opposite effect.

Additional Solution Add-On $15
For clients with thick or long hair which requires additional solution, please add this price to your texture service.